Nicki Minaj opening at Britney’s New Tour was so fun , she is so entertaining ,the way she dress, dance, sings and acts is just Fantastic !! 

 Britney’s new Tour Femme Fatale wasn’t an incredible experience , she’s still insecure to dance ,even to interact with the audience , the songs and the dancers moves is what saves her from failing baby one more time… Lol 

 Britney singing “if u seek amy” paying tribute to Marylin Monroe…
Singing ”Slave for You ” in a slower newest version

Make up, Wardrobe, Coreography , Songs were not as interesting as CIRCUS TOUR was .
 Britney Looks Worried most of the time ..

People  don’t seem to care about all those things , Britney Spears is still consider the Princess of Pop !


Enjoy this Video recorded in American Airlines Arena in Miami