I Got to enjoy the 2 different set up stages at Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour !! The First one ..Gaga wanted to change the shape of the stage and designed one with Haus of Gaga that was “essentially a frame with forced perspective, and the frame is put inside the stage.”The stage had a triangular inset, like a diamond, and everywhere the show took place, the dimensions were measured in such a way that the box fit any stage.

The theme of the show was evolution and since the songs on The Fame Monster represented her paranoias, while developing the tour she spoke about original sin and demons inside human beings ..
This theme of monsters and evolution played a part in the fashion for the tour, which according to Gaga was “another level from where we were with the Fame Ball.
 It was such an incredible experience to meet her , she really gives attention to what’s important to her  ART,MUSIC,INPIRATION..
and she always remind us , that we all born Superstars  just because We Were Born This Way !!!

Enjoy My experience at the ” Monster Ball 2010″..