Nicola Formichetti Debuts Pop-Up Concept Store, Tries to Hit New York Fashion Week Shows for First Time..

Nicola Formichetti’s concept store, done in collaboration with Gage/Clemenceau Architects, has transformed a space at 80 Walker Street in New York into a massive mirrored prism.

Fall 2011 Mugler shoes

Currently housed within the shop are: vintage Versace pieces, Haus of Gaga looks, Mugler shoes and clothing, and woven and repurposed Uniqlo garb, as well as “Nicopanda” rings, iPod, and iPhone cases and more..

look by Haus of Gaga for “Judas” Video

How interesting , can’t wait to own one of these pieces to add to my collection .Nicola’s vision with the collaboration of his team is just ..AMAZINGLY ROCKING!!!