When You Lose Someone Close, Grief is an intensely personal process. It’s timeline is not linear; it’s more like a roller coaster. Just when you feel like you’re coming out of it, the next day you’re worse than you ever thought you would be. A week later, you may feel optimistic again. Still, it’s really important not to get stuck..

and you know you’re stuck when you don’t want to live anymore…i didn’t want that for me so my goal was not to get stuck and go on with my life ..

The most surprising thing is that you have the people least expected to be there for you.
Then there were other people I was—and still am—incredibly close to who just didn’t have the skill set or tools to give me what I needed in that moment. At first I was angry, but then I realized not everybody can jump into the role of therapist, grief counselor or recovery co-pilot. Some people just don’t have that in them. 

Some of my friends, weren’t able to come over and cry with me for hours. But when I was ready to go see a movie or go out, I thought: “I can’t wait to see her. Let me call her because I know she’ll be able to distract me from this.” Everybody falls into his or her natural role. Try not to judge people for what they’re capable of giving you. Instead, accept them for who they are and what they can do.

What  helped me was not to feel sad or give power to anniversary or dates , instead i enjoy them as any other day ,for some people those times will be hard, and it’s all right to be sad. You might also wake up on that anniversary or special day and be fine. And that’s absolutely okay too. Let your feelings come when they want to and you won’t have to live in fear everyday. 

Experiences like this makes you give value to things, moments and make you learn to be grateful everyday , helpful and to focus in the important and positive things in lifenothing will ever be the same…